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Become A Friend kenya

As a Hestia Trustee I make annual project visits to the Kijabe Group Ranch, where the Become A Friend (BAF) project was initiated in 2009. Visiting the schools on the ranch is always a source of profound inspiration to me – the children in the BAF linked schools have a gift for all of us. The poverty of their life environment has focused their minds and spirits on the important life goals we all, too often, forget:
– They are courageous in the face of their huge challenges.
– They are socially compatible and caring, due to the strong cultural values that are so much a part of their lives.
– and above all, they have a loving tenacity for life and learning.

In their harsh environment life and health are gifts they honour. Education is equally honoured and school attendance is a matter of pride, no matter how difficult the journey to school may be.

On a personal level I am deeply moved and feel very privileged to act as a conduit for the BAF project. Linking children across continents provides proof indeed that cynicism and pessimism about tackling need is never warranted. I hope you enjoy this website and see for yourself the simple joy that results when any of us dare to BECOME A FRIEND!


The Become A Friend project is funded through the Hestia Charitable Foundation UK Registered Charity 1095957

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