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NEW video clips from your Maasai School friends, Nov 2012

video clips from your Maasai School friends, June 2012

School children perform traditional Maasai dance and song at Eldoret

Pancake Day: Kimanjo Primary School pupils get to try pancake flipping for the first time. Much hilarity.

Traditional Folk Dance performance by pupils of Naiperere Primary School.

A selection of short clips filmed during the visit of Irish and UK BAF co-ordinators to the participating schools in Kenya, March 2011.

Meet Laines – a little star we met on our first day

The joyous pupils of Nkiloriti Nursery School singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘This is why I’m here’ on day one of our visit.

Pupils of Ngabolo Primary School gather at the school kitchen for lunch. Pupils must bring their own bowl to school every day and receive one cup full of Ugali (maize porridge) or a type of bean stew.

Pupils of Kimanjo Primary School practice a specially choreographed Masai song and dance routine. Clip also features a student playing the traditional Kudu Horn.

Masai baby gurgling cows milk during a Nabakisho Healthcare mobile clinic

Masai tribal dance in centre of village

A herd of male elephants having a mud bath on the conservancy. They use their trunks to help them keep cool, often squirting a trunkful of mud or dust to create a protective layer of dirt on their skin (think elephant sunscreen!)

Girls play in the school yard of Kimanjo Primary School during their lunch break.

View of a traditional Masai home (called a Boma or Manyatta)