A Hestia Foundation Project

in Kenya

What school is like in Kenya

Children really love and enjoy going to school. They have continued to attend, despite severe droughts. Many children walk several miles to school every day on an empty stomach just for the chance to learn.

Pencils no longer than an inch are shared among dozens of pupils and old newspapers serve as makeshift notebooks. Despite these obstacles, the children are determined to make do with whatever resources are available to them for the chance to better their prospects. The motivation and desire to succeed exists in each of these children.

- School meals were virtually non-existent from 2007-09
- Some children sleep at school because of walking distance between school and their home.

School is vital to the children’s future. Schools keep the children from migrating to larger towns and cities, where opportunities and services will not be available to them.

Schools participating in the BAF programme include:

- Naiperere Primary School
- Ngabolo Primary School
- Kimanjo Primary School
- Kimanjo Secondary School
- Raap Primary School
- Musul Primary School
- Nkiloriti Nursery School
- Parkurruk Nursery School
- Narasha Nursery School